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Daily News

  • Next Avenue: Check your attic: these old items could be worth some money

    If you have any of these 10 things lying around, you might turn them into serious cash.

  • Grow: What the heck are FAANG stocks? A beginner’s guide

    Here’s what you need to know to sound reasonably smart about these market movers and shakers.

  • Netflix stock slammed after earnings, as subscriber growth and revenue fall short

    Netflix Inc. posted weaker-than-expected second-quarter revenue and subscriber numbers Monday afternoon. It stock is down sharply in Tuesday’s premarket trading.

  • NerdWallet: Your best—and worst—shot at buying a home is in these cities

    The five most- and least-affordable markets for buying a home based on the first quarter of 2018.

  • The Wall Street Journal: Walmart, Microsoft deepen their partnership to take on Amazon

    Walmart agrees to use Microsoft’s cloud technology to power functions that could include algorithms for purchasing and sales-data sharing with vendors, deepening a partnership between two of Amazon’s most powerful rivals.

  • For as long as history remembers Donald Trump, it will be a day that will live in infamy.

  • Harsh GOP criticism for Trump after folding to Putin in Finland

    Republicans voiced their thoughts after Trump's performance on the world stage with Vladimir Putin calling it 'disgraceful' and worse. Michael Steele and Kimberly Atkins both join to discuss.

  • What did Trump & Putin discuss behind closed doors?

    Based on their remarks in front of the cameras, what can we learn about the conversation Trump & Putin had behind closed doors with just their interpreters? Frank Figliuzzi and Jeremy Bash both join.

  • Fmr. U.S. Ambassador: 'This was a tragic day' for U.S. diplomacy

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul reacts to Trump's performance in Helsinki with Putin. Reporters Julia Ioffe and Peter Baker also join the discussion.

  • Trump caves to Putin in Helsinki, gets blasted by Dems & GOP

    With the world watching, Pres. Trump sided with Putin and against U.S. intelligence officials while on foreign soil over Moscow's election hacks. Jonathan Lemire who questioned Putin & Trump in Helsinki joins.

  • Lawrence: Putin made a big mistake in his presser with Trump

    Lawrence points out that in the Trump-Putin press conference, Putin admitted that he preferred Trump to win the election and that he ordered officers to help Trump win. Lawrence says that reveal by Putin is a "smoking gun" moment.

  • Retired Lt. Col. and former Fox analyst Ralph Peters gives his take on President Trump's performance today during his meeting and news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • After President Donald Trump's stunning news conference Monday next to Russian President Vladimir Putin, members of Congress -- including some powerful Republicans -- were quick to rebuke Trump's performance on the world stage and Trump's refusal to call Putin out for interfering in the US election.

  • President Donald Trump hoped his hotly anticipated summit talks with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin would amount to a triumphant television event. Instead, he returns to Washington facing sharp rebukes even from allies as his stunned aides wonder what went wrong.

  • Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) sides with President Trump following Trump's undercutting of US intelligence during a press conference with Russia's Vladimir Putin.